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You are about to learn everything you need to know about Maxx Mobile company (and this website) in a couple of minutes.

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My name is Sid and I run AllMaxMobiles.com. This is the website where I share all the information related to Maxx Mobiles phones. You will see why I created this website in the next few paragraphs. For now, I have some important information to share.

As you probably know, when it comes to telecommunication (both mobile and fixed phones), India holds a strong position. In fact, we are the second largest market in the world. And the future is bright as we are adopting smartphones at a lighting speed.

Take this example: As I was traveling in a Metro last week, I saw a bunch of folks using iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy phones! This is such a common occurrence in 2013. A few years ago we could have never imagined buying a cell phone that costs us a fortune. Now, you know, smartphones are everywhere.

We no longer want basic handsets — we want “smart” handsets.

Back to our main question: why did I create this website?

I believe phones made by Indians are the best — both in quality and price. And in order to help you explore the world of Maxx Mobiles, I created this website.

Launched in the year 2004, Maxx Mobile Communications Limited (MAXX) is an established brand offering wide range of mobile phones in India and worldwide. After buying several Maxx Mobile phones through online websites — for my friends and relatives — I have realized the potential of these devices. They are extremely good for the price we pay.

That said, on this website, I will only be taking only about Maxx Mobiles.

Here at AllMaxxMobiles.com, I have added the description of every Maxx Mobile phone that’s out there in the market, with the pricing table, and much more (use the menu on the top to navigate).

Before buying a mobile phone, consider these factors:

BudgetSizeDurableBatteryFeaturesBuy Smartly
I strongly believe in this phrase: “Save before you spend.” Don’t buy a phone you cannot afford to pay for. Budget is always important and probably the most crucial factor when it comes to buying a phone.
You have a job where you sit all day long and work on your computer? Then a 6-inch phone is not very useful. Today, we have so many smartphones with massive screen size and what we are looking for is a device that sits comfortably in your hand and pocket — it is the one worth buying!
As silly as it may sound, the Chinese handsets are durable. They don’t break even after accidentally dropping it on the floor. Remember to buy phones with a good build quality — don’t go for the plastic ones!
A phone that needs to be charged for at least one hour… or a phone that has a battery life of 6 hours is simply useless! Make sure the battery life of the phone you are planning to buy is good. This is a massive reason why many old smartphones are useless today.
Do you want a basic handset? Or a smartphone? Perhaps a phone with a camera that can shoot high-quality (720p) videos? Always check if the phone has the features you are craving for.
Buying a phone is not a problem. We can always buy an iPhone costing 45000, but is it really useful? Do you really want an iPhone right now? Think again. Don’t look at what others have; decide what you really need… be smart!

Types of Maxx Mobile Phones Available on AllMaxxMobiles.com:

I have divided the phones into different categories, so that it is easy for you to navigate and find the best mobile phone for your needs. Don’t be surprised if you have too many choices.